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Reach More Florida's Registered Fishing License Holders

Fish Florida Alliance is a multi-channel and virtual community supporting fresh and saltwater fishing in Florida. As the Chief Marketing Organization for Florida Fishing Tourism, it operates through the support of the Florida Sports Foundation and cooperation of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Our mission is simple: connect bona fide fishing enthusiasts with timely and valuable information to satisfy their fresh and saltwater pursuits and enhance the adventure and enjoyment in the REEL Florida Experience. All elements focus on safe, outdoor fund destinations to fish, places to stay, and unique things to see and do.

Today, any new marketing initiative commands a great feat to get off the ground quickly. Especially a program that involves tourism marketing for the entire state of Florida! In a short number of months, Fish Florida Alliance has designed, built, tested, and tuned a comprehensive program to attract and engage anglers and support tourism stakeholders alike.


The website is the official website for the Fish Florida Alliance and is currently projected to be viewed by more than 50,000 unique visitors in 2023.

Over a recent 90-day introductory period with nearly 1,000 users and sessions on, we found nearly 98% were new users attracted via organic strategies averaging 2.42 pages per session. More than 60% arrived via organic search and another 37% via direct which includes promotion in our print/electronic guides. The top five areas of interests shown: events, destinations, forecasts, and travel planning.

Our goal is to get it right for users - getting them to what they want and as quickly as possible. Our effort to develop, in effect, eight regional microsites under a statewide brand allows us the benefit of statewide "authority" along with a focus on valued "local" content.

Our emphasis on strategic content has already produced SERPs on Google for the following keyword phrases:

  • "fish Florida" - (Page 1, #2 - only behind the states automobile license plate program and ahead of the FWC)
  • "Florida fishing events" - (Page 1, #3)
  • "Florida fishing forecasts" - (Page 1, #7)


Our signature "Fish Florida" monthly email campaign features a database of nearly 100,000 out-of-state Florid fishing license holders and returned a 25.6% Click-to-Open Rate for the December 2022 issue compared to an overall industry average in 2022 of 10.5%. This attests to the value of the content recipients find in our Florida-focused travel emails.

As we transition to 2023, we're continuing our quest to build, test and adapt to always have the best product in place. We're continuing our localized content development and rolling out our social initiatives based on community building and continued engagement.

Learn more about how we can help you reach this valuable audience!


To learn how we can help you reach up to 1.5 million Florida fishing license holders, call (904) 270-9858‬‬ or email